Recommended Businesses

These are a few businesses around the Valley that I directly work with and highly recommend.


Innovative Pianoworks

Have you ever wished your grand piano could play itself? Check out Innovative Pianoworks! They are a family business whose roots date back almost 40 years in the piano industry. Today, they are the leading QRS player piano dealer in the Valley. I have been part of their team installing player systems since 2016.

My First Piano

If you are shopping for a new piano, be sure to check out My First Piano, owned by Josh Wallace. The Wallace family has been tuning, rebuilding, moving, and selling pianos for four generations. They are a reputable company and charge modest prices. You can purchase a new or used piano or do a rent-to-own for 3-12 months, allowing you to try out a piano in your home. After the rental period, you receive a dollar-for-dollar credit toward the sale price.

Safe and Sound Piano Movers

Thousands have trusted safe & Sound Piano Movers and is a company I highly recommend. They will move your piano anywhere in Arizona and guarantee your piano will arrive safe and sound.

The Grand Piano Store

Looking for a brand new Yamaha grand piano? Or a pre-owned grand piano such as Young Chang, Weber, Hailun, Pearl River, Baldwin, Hallet Davis, Samick, or Kohler & Campbell? This beautiful piano store has a great selection with friendly staff.