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About Me

Perhaps I was destined to be a piano tuner since my last name is pronounced ‘be-on-key.’

My name is Jedin Bianchi. I was homeschooled from day one. I enjoy hiking, gardening, hot cocoa on a crisp winter day, remodeling homes, woodworking projects, and almost anything Christmas.

My musical journey began when I was twelve. One evening, a good family friend sat on the floor with my sister, me, and a cheap electric keyboard. He taught us how to play the melody of one of our favorite hymns we sang every week at church. After that night, I was determined to conquer the art of playing the piano. When my parents saw I was serious about it, they surprised me with an upright.

Six months later I acquired my first set of tuning tools. I pursued studies as a piano technician and was certified by the American School of Piano Tuning just before my eighteenth birthday. During that time, I was privileged to work with the former president of the Piano Technicians Guild, Nashville Chapter, to fine-tune my skills.

Bianchi Piano was born in 2013, focusing on tuning and repairs. Since then, my business has grown across the Valley; tuning in homes, churches, and other venues.

In the summer of 2016, I began installing QRS player systems in grand pianos, a nifty system bringing you back to the old times when pianos could play themselves. These systems are controlled using your smartphone via WiFi.

In addition to my own business, I have the privilege to work with My First Piano, tuning both directly in their Gilbert showroom and for their customers around the Valley.

I enjoy the sound of a well-tuned piano not just as a piano tuner, but also as a pianist. From the deep rumbling of the bass to the lively ring of the treble, I enjoy each note as I play hymns; psalms; and my favorite, Christmas music. Therefore, my desire is to make your piano sound its best for your enjoyment, and for the glory of the Lord.

Stay tuned,

Jedin Bianchi




We recently engaged Jedin Bianchi, owner of Bianchi Piano, to tune our upright. I was confident in his abilities, since he had worked with some of the best in the Nashville Guild. Jedin was friendly, courteous, and professional. He arrived promptly and conducted his craft thoroughly, investigating a problem and competently replacing a missing part. He conscientiously returned after two weeks to ensure the piano had maintained its tune. We’re delighted with the job he did and in the restored sound he achieved. I highly recommend Jedin.
— David S
Jedin is a detail oriented young man that is focused on customer service, and providing optimum customer satisfaction. He has a very high level of integrity in his work and personal relationships. He has demonstrated his excellence in achieving excellent results not just in piano tuning, but many other tasks that he has done during the many years that I have known him. I would recommend Jedin for any service needed.
— Piotr L
Jedin is a skilled young man in piano tuning and repair. He is honest, respectful and naturally talented; which compliments his focus for learning the craft as deeply as possible. He is capable of tuning aurally which is one of the highest standards of tuning ability in the industry. Jedin has natural customer rapport with genuine honesty and quick and accurate communications. I highly recommend Jedin for any piano care an instrument may require. We are happy to have Jedin in the piano industry and look forward to the future he will create with his business.
— Tyson H, RPT

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